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Our mission
Consulting tasks
How do we work?
Consultants versus own stuff
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Our mission: "A holistic management philosophy".

Management consulting has been recognized as an important service that helps owners and managers to analyze and decide the challenges they face with.

Consulting tasks

We can help you in such areas of management:

  • Strategic objectives. Mission development. Methods for determining the goals and objectives (their estimation). System of strategic and operational plans. Forecasting (trendvotching).
  • Marketing. Markets: size, trends, own share, competitors, and possibilities. Customer Base: size and structure, major customers, customer service. Strategy and tactics of pricing. Sales: distribution channels, organization, methods, reliability of supply, costs. Advertising: value, methods, effect, manufacturing. PR (public relations). Marketing Management: the concepts and strategy, staffing, position in the structure.
  • Production activities. The concept of management. Staff (number of employees, their competence). Subdivisions: number, location, specialty, communications. Organization of production. Control and support: scheduling, coordination, records, operational control, the ability of staff. Quality management. HR management. Politics. Planning. The structure of the staff: competence, skills, staff turnover, absenteeism. Recruitment and selection (permanent, temporary, seasonal work). Education and development. Structure career. Remuneration and motivation. Preventing and resolving conflicts.
  • Management systems and practice. Key managers (relationships, attitudes to change, motivation, etc.). Organizational culture: organizational structure, centralization and decentralization, vertical and horizontal relationships, traditions, style of management. Decision-making. Coordination. Communication. Computer technology.
  • Change management. Resistance to change. Strategies for change.

How do we work?

As a rule our clients are those who faced with inadequate work of their enterprise and feel need to change something, e.g. difficulties in relationship of key managers or complaints from customers concerning low quality of services. The process of consultation usually includes the following phases:

    • diagnosis;
    • action planning;
    • implementation;
    • estimation of changes.

However, as experience shows, successfully developing organizations also need our services, e.g. an organization wants to increase its market share (the problem of marketing); a company needs restructuring to operate more effectively (implementation, change management); the management is concerned about the development of new products or new channels to market promotion (the problem of marketing).

Thus, all problems faced by our clients can be divided into three types:

  • Problems of correction;
  • Problems for improvement;
  • Creative problems.

Consultants versus own staff

  1. Often organization can cope with the problem itself. But skilled professionalswho can do it, are engaged in another important work.
  2. Consultants can give a fresh look at the problems of the organization through an impartial view from outside.
  3. Intensive help on a temporary basis. No need to pay for highly skilled labor, when it is not needed.
  4. Consultants have knowledge of Western management and practical domestic experience.


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