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As for us trainings are the kind of consultations. It’s often one of its components or the element of consultation, which helps in carrying out changes in the company (see "Busines-education: practic's view"). Since management consulting is individual, trainings are developing according to the problems of the Customer. Therefore, there is no complete list of them. This is also why the proposed trainings may be regarded as sketches of possible cooperation. Feel free to offer your themes for the trainings: perhaps they are interested for us too.

Social Network Analysis 20 €
Time Series Analysis 20 €
Time Series Smoothing 20 €
Regression Analysis in Excel 20 €
Introduction to SPSS 20 €
Performing Statistical Analysis in SPSS 20 €
T-tests in SPSS 20 €
Conducting ANOVA in SPSS 20 €
Association 20 €
Conducting a Simple Linear Regression in SPSS 20 €
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