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First education - mathematics. Management consultant since 1995. In business since 1991. Candidate of Science in Economics (thesis on marketing, 1999). Professional Certificate Manager Business School Open University UK (1994). Associate Professor (2004). Andragog (andragogics - one of the theories of adult learning). Author of more than 30 articles in journals of Ukraine, Russia and the U.S., as well as the author or coauthor of six textbooks (five of them - management and marketing). Worked as director, marketing director, dean of the Faculty of Economics and head of department, lecturer, business coach.


  • Management Consulting
  • Synergetic Management
  • Strategy and Innovation Management
  • Managing Change in Organizations
  • Culture Organizations
  • Marketing
  • Self-organization of Society
  • Effective Learning (especially, adult learning and distance learning)
  • Dramaturgy



Education: mathematics. Candidate of Science in Economics. Author of more than 80 papers published in Ukraine, Russia, USA, Portugal, Hungary and Poland. Participated in the work of scientific conferences abroad: the First and the Second International Conferences of Nonlinear Sciences (Austria, 2003, Greece, 2006), International Conference of Experts "New forms of employment" (Portugal, 2001), International conference "The financial and intellectual capital flows - local and global aspects" (Poland, 2009), SKIN3 Workshop "Joining Complexity Science and Social Simulation for Policy" (Hungary, 2014), Social Simulation Conference (Italy, 2016). In 2000 passed with distinctions the course of microeconomics intermediate (second) level (London School of Economics). In 2008 trained for a month at the Institute of Complex Systems (Paris, France). Scholar scholarship at Radboud University (the Netherlands) in 2015.

Scientific interests:

  • Complexity
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Social Network Analysis


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